50 shades of mental illness.

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Weed is tight.








Comfy Skull

Alexander McQueen Skull Knit Jumper

This is the most amazing sweater in existence.

If you knit, or can sweet talk someone who does, a person on ravelry charted this pattern to knit it (in black) for her son: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cabled-skull-chart-for-pullover


attn betterversion—ofme + darklyndsea

My knitlock senses are tingling!

i can not fuck with


  • "pale" "trash" "cyber princess" blogs
  • shitty weed blogs
  • chipotle/ hipster aesthetic blogs
  • nature blogs with no sources
  • fucking 15 year old bloggers with bios reading “i am sad and i like pizza and cats” 

there’s so many better blogs than the ones who get a shit ton of followers b/c they use an app or pretend to be an aesthetic 





Dan Cleaves, pictured, frequents bars in the Fan and Shockoe Bottom (though supposedly he has been banned at most of the establishments in the Bottom) seeking out intoxicated women to rape. He has also stalked women, and targets transwomen especially. The provided number, 1-800-838-8238, will connect you to the Virginia Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline. 

If you recognize him at a bar, approach the bartender or manager. They can confirm his identity by looking at his ID, and may throw him out as a result of his reputation. 

I have corroborated this information with relevant sources. 


Dan Cleaves was arrested Wednesday in Henrico. He is awaiting extradition to Maryland where he will face seven counts of sexually assaulting women in an attempt to give them HIV. 

For now, it looks like we no longer need to worry about him. 

Cleaves is now out on bond, possibly in the Richmond area. As of two weeks ago, he was still preying on women. Share the information and be prepared to intervene if you see him at a bar- if you’re uncomfortable intervening yourself, ask the staff or, at this point, call the police. 


Groups like the KKK are Christian terrorist organizations.

They’re never labeled as terrorists, not even Christian terrorists.

Y’all are silent about Christian terrorism but will discuss Islamic terrorism to the extent of believing all Muslims are terrorists.  


Best Coast | Boyfriend 

The other girl is not like me,
She’s prettier and skinnier,
She has a college degree,
I dropped out when I was seventeen

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